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BizEE Software – Business Energy Efficiency Software

BizEE Software is a company making software to help businesses and other organizations save energy. Each of our software products/services has its own website:

Degree Days.net

A popular free source of accurate degree-day data for locations worldwide.

Degree days are widely used for the analysis of heating and cooling energy consumption.


Energy Lens

For energy consultants: a powerful tool for analyzing interval energy data such as 15-minute or half-hourly data.

For businesses: an easy-to-use energy management solution for no-fuss energy saving.


Our degree days and energy management software projects are both in widespread use and tend to keep us pretty busy. But we are also working on another project – Energy Audit Software – for rapid, accurate, and cost-effective energy auditing.

See the websites above to find out more about our products and services, or stay on this site to read more about us and our mission.

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