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BizEE Software Ltd - Business Energy Efficiency Software

BizEE Software Ltd is a UK company making software to help businesses and other organizations save energy. Each of our software products has its own website:

Energy Lens

For energy consultants: a powerful tool for analyzing interval energy data such as 15-minute or half-hourly data.

For businesses: an easy-to-use energy management solution for no-fuss energy saving.


Energy Audit Software

Software for rapid, accurate, and cost-effective energy-auditing.

BizEE Benchmark requires only basic knowledge of energy-efficiency; BizEE Pro is designed for experienced energy professionals only.


Degree Days.net

Our Degree Days.net website is a free source of degree days for locations worldwide. It has data for thousands of weather stations, and it gives both heating and cooling degree-day data in daily, weekly, and monthly formats, and to any base temperature you choose.

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